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In Face Of Tragedies, Cary Families Have New Beginnings

Posted September 23, 2001 10:30 a.m. EDT

— Even with all the tragedy and sorrow in the news recently, life goes on, with many new and exciting beginnings. People are not forgetting what happened in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania, but life's happier moments give them a break from the tragedies.

Peter and Nancy Bolton got married in the days following the terrorist attacks. It was a happy day for the bride, groom, plus friends and family,some of whom came from overseas.

The couple says world events over the past two weeks have not put a cloud over their special day and new beginning.

"It's sad but I can't let it put a damper on my life," Nancy Bolton said.

"No, we've got to carry on," Peter Bolton said.

"I mean, I waited a long time for Peter," Nancy Bolton said.

And then there is another new beginning -- childbirth. And thousands of them are taking place across the country, every day, in a world that is dramatically different than it was just two weeks ago.

Young Leilani joined Heide and Michael Rumble's world just three days after America's tragic day.

"It's just good to have her here. It's hard to flip on the television and see all the news stations broadcasts because you just don't want to hear about such bad news during such a time like that, you kinda feel bad about feeling so happy," said Heidi Rumple.

"When you hold that little life in your arms all the pain all the agony and even everything that had been going on in the week just just looking down at her, just totally forgotten," Michael Rumple said.

Leilani Rumple's entry into this world had some tense moments. She was born prematurely, and she was in a breach position that required a C-section. Mother and baby are doing just fine though, adjusting to a new world and seeking a sense of normalcy. Life is different, but life goes on.