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Kid Power Aims To Unite Students, Fundraising Efforts

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SMITHFIELD — As relief efforts pour in from all over the country, one group thinks the fundraising efforts of children needs a higher profile.

A new organization, called

Kid Power USA

, has begun a nationwide effort to combine relief collection into one big check from the kids, for the nation.

"If we all work together and be just one big team, then other people who aren't doing it might think, since everyone is doing it, that it'sa good idea," says Trevor Jones, a student board member at Smithfield Middle School.

The Kid Power group has a 12-member student board of directors; adults offer their administrative services for free.

However, individual schools are proud of their own efforts and getting them to turn over the totals and the credit to Kid Power is a hurdle.

Jeff Maples, the principal of West Pine Middle School in Aberdeen, says that the program is an opportunity for students and schools to unite.

The Kid Power group is talking with national advertisers and broadcasters hoping to offer a nationwide appeal to children to join forces.

The target date for presenting a national Kid Power check to President Bush is Dec. 1.


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