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Impending War Could Be Bad For Businesses Around Fort Bragg

Posted September 19, 2001 9:39 a.m. EDT

— There is no question Fayetteville relies heavily on the economic support of Fort Bragg. With talks of a war and deployment of soldiers, the city braces itself for some possible unwelcome changes.

Jim's Pawn Shop on Yadkin Road has been a fixture in Fayetteville for more than 30 years. During that time, the store has built a loyal customer base, and a large portion of it comes from the military.

"This past weekend, it was just a mad house in here -- as busy as I've ever seen it," says Jo Faircloth of Jim's Pawn Shop.

But Faircloth knows that may soon change as our country prepares for war. She remembers business during the days of the Persian Gulf war ten years ago.

Council member Robert Massey says the mass exodus of Fort Bragg soldiers during Operation Desert Storm hit the city hard.

"Economically, everything was dried up and it was simply a bad time for this community while they were gone," he says.

"Business was down, it was hurt, but it was not just us. It was all over North Carolina," says mayor Milo McBryde.

Faircloth says if history repeats itself with the anticipated war, she will have to make some adjustments like a possible cutback in workers, store hours or inventory.