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Raleigh's Exploris Museum Helps Children Come To Terms With Terrorism Attacks

Posted September 15, 2001 4:41 a.m. EDT

— A museum that gives children an eye to the world tried to give them a more comforting view of that world Saturday, in light of the recent terrorist attacks in New York and at the Pentagon.

Exploris Children's Museum in Raleigh hosted a forum for children and adults to share feelings and thoughts about what they have been seeing in the news. Panel members offered expert advice on how to talk to children about recent events.

One panelist said her 8-year-old daughter would know something was wrong even if her mom did not talk about it.

"She is very aware that things are not the same, that mom's a little more tense these days. She has probably seen more tears from her mom this week than she has in any single week," the Rev. Nancy Petty, associate pastor of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, said.

Petty suggests parents reassure their children about the safety in their community and in their home.