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In Wake Of Attacks, Patriotism Soars In Triangle

Posted September 14, 2001 3:04 a.m. EDT

— The worst times can bring out the best in people. Folks are finding the truth in that statement all over the Triangle as people show their patriotism.

No matter how you show it, the symbols of patriotism are everywhere in the Triangle. On a section of Glenwood Avenue, there are as many flags as houses in an impressive show of neighborhood unity.

Jerry Herald, a worker fixing the phone lines, decided he would hang up his pride right on the company truck. The former Army reservist said there is no need to worry about the draft.

"They won't need it because like I said, those of us who have been there, been done that, we're trained, we'll go again," Herald said.

The whole front window of the Flying Saucer Restaraunt in downtown Raleigh sends a strong patriotic message, with the phrase 'God Bless America' in bold letters.

Accent Imaging put a large sign on their building which reads 'We Are Proud To Be Americans.' The workers are feeling patriotic all the way. Banners designed to bring people together with national pride are rolling off the big printers. The workers have words to back up their display.

"It's pretty important. It's a time when all personal issues need to be put aside and we need to come together as one and really, really try to support our government and support any actions that they're gonna do and not question them for right now," said worker Mike Regina.

What business has a more All-American name than Joe's Mom's Place Restaurant? They too are proudly showing their true colors, with a large flag on display.

One of the by-products of this outburst of patriotism is that it is getting very difficult to find American flags in the Triangle

Jesse Murphy of Capitol Flag in Raleigh has been in the business for 30 years, and never seen anything like this.

"We were just not prepared for this sort of thing, but it is very heartwarming, indeed, to see people's response -- how much they do love their country, and want a way to express that," Murphy said.

Across town at Burke Brothers Hardware, they are receiving the same steady flow of calls and customers looking for flags. The store has already sold two full orders of flags and has more coming.

Your best chance to get a flag now is to put your name on a waiting list. The lists are growing by the hour.

One flag recently purchased is on the way up to the top of a 125-foot crane at Carter Finley Stadium.

The 50-star flag we currently fly was officially adopted on July 4, 1960. It was decreed that any change to the flag would take place on July 4 each year.