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Students Discuss Possibility Of Being Called To Serve Country

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RALEIGH — When war is the buzz on college campuses, the "D" word is not far behind. Every male is required to register for

Selective Service

upon their 18th birthday, but the system has not drafted young men into military service since 1973.

War monuments on college campuses honor those who gave their lives in service to their country. Many of whom were college age draftees when they made the ultimate sacrifice and that fact is not lost on students of today.

"We were talking about the draft and we didn't know how it really worked. We were saying if we went to war, it would be a big thing," says Beruk Admassu, who registered with Selective Service.

Registering with Selective Service is a requirement of admission to most universities for young men. Some have vivid memories of the day they got their card in the mail.

"It took me about two months to send it in actually, but my dad finally made me do it," says Ben Adcock.

"I wouldn't be concerned at this juncture that we're going to activate the Selective Service system and start drafting young men," says retired Air Force General Robert Springer.

Springer believes the current volunteer force is sufficient for a war on terror.


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