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Triangle Travelers Seeking Transportation Alternatives

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RALEIGH — Thursday was day three for travelers stranded in the Triangle in the wake of the terrorist attacks in New York and at the Pentagon. Though the airport is beginning to reopen, some are still unsure about getting a flight, others do not want to deal with delays at the airport, and others simply have no desire to fly at all.

"Most of it now is trying to get anywhere, anywhere but here," one passenger said.

Many stranded airline passengers in the Triangle have given up on flying out of RDU and are choosing other options, like buses.

"I've been trying everyday to get a flight and I haven't been able to go back," another passenger said.

"I can't fly out. I'm stuck in North Carolina, unless I start walking from here," another passenger said.

Trains are also becoming another popular way out

"I was going to drive, it's a 10-hour drive or a 10-hour train ride, so it's one or the other," a passenger said.

But the weary travelers are patient because they feel like they are the lucky ones.

"I'm in no hurry, I just want to get home. I got three kids, I just want to get home," another passenger said.

Even though planes are expected to begin flying this evening, many people said they feel safer choosing ground transportation.


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