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Local Drivers Worried About Price, Gas Supply In Light Of Terrorist Attacks

Posted September 14, 2001 5:37 a.m. EDT

— In the Triangle, many gas stations are pushing up the price, but increases are more in cents than dollars. In addition to prices going up, some stations are just running out of gas.

Pat Border was not rushing to the pumps trying to beat a big price increase. She says she was on a normal trip to get gas, but when she got to the pumps, there was none to be found.

She says the depleted supplies of gasoline may be related to reaction from the terroism in New York and Washington, D.C.

"I think everyone still is in a bit of shock and uncomfortable. Anything to do with commerce, banking even gasoline, I think, folks are wondering if it's related in some way, so it did cross my mind that it might be," she says.

The problem is that more customers, double the number of customers at some stations, are filling up and topping off.

"We got notification yesterday that we're going to be busier. We will be busy. I think really what the whole deal is people are panicking," says Tony Jones, who drives gas from the distributors.

Gasoline prices in some parts of the country more than doubled following Tuesday's attacks. In Oklahoma City, the price of a gallon passed the two-dollar mark. While in Indianapolis, a gallon shot up between four and five dollars.

The price of gas in the Triangle has been on the rise for the last two months. One retailer said his prices are up 23 cents since July.

The American Petroleum Association insists there is no need to worry. They say there is plenty of fuel in all parts of the country.