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Speed Limit Confusion A Concern In Raleigh Park Where Woman Was Injured

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RALEIGH — Robin Linsmier and Rachael Sheridan have gone through a range of emotions after a hit-and-run accident left their friend, Tara Beery, in critical condition at WakeMed. The driver also killed Peri, Linsmier's 150 pound Great Dane.

"Losing your best friends will destroy your world," said Linsmier.

The accident took place Thursday at Carolina Pines Park in Raleigh in an area where the road runs right next to the parking lot. The street where the accident happened, Henslowe Drive, is essentially a parking lot next to a park. But it is still a street, yet the speed limit is confusing.

"It's not meant to be a place to get from over there to over there, it's to get to a parking lot and people use it as a through-road," Sheridan said.

A small sign on the road says 15 miles per hour. The city says that is not the speed limit. And, there may not be one.

"They go really fast through here," Linsmier said.

The Parks and Recreation Department believes the road is not a public street, meaning it has the authority to set the speed limit there. But right now, there is no posted speed limit.

"Hopefully they'll take action on it and not just brush it under the rug as soon as these news interviews end, and it's out of sight, out of mind," Sheridan said.

Even if this road did get a speed limit or speed bumps, it will not reverse the consequences of last week's accident.

"She's not coming home to an independent life for a while," Sheridan said.

"No our life there is gone. That time is over," Linsmier said.

"Our time with Tara and Peri is kind of gone," Sheridan said.

Beery's friends and others have asked, just what is the 15-mile-per-hour sign if it is not a speed limit sign?

The city says it is just a warning for an upcoming curve. The hit-and-run driver was coming from the opposite direction, so he did not see this sign, and it did not apply to him.


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