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Raleigh Neighborhood Gets An Unexpected Visitor

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RALEIGH — A beautiful afternoon turned into a true education for one Raleigh neighborhood Friday. A stroll in the backyard was more like a trip to the zoo.

The Bowsers found a very large snake, maybe 6-feet in length, just feet from their back porch.

"I'm not that petrified of them. I don't want to be around them if I don't have to be. But I was nervous over that one," Sue Bowser said.

The snake quickly became the talk of the neighborhood. The size was impressive, but most people were concerned with a large bulge in the snake's stomach as they gathered around to gawk.

"Whose kitty is that inside?" said one neighbor.

"I cannot get over what is in its stomach," said another.

"That's bigger than a rabbit. I'll tell you that. It's either a cat or a dog," someone else said.

Raleigh Animal Control came out to take it off the Bowsers' hands. They think the snake is probably a boa constrictor or a python.

They do not deal with these kinds of things very often.

"The more you hesitate, the more nervous you get. I just go ahead and do it and be done with it," Gerald Barham of Animal Control said.

As for the Bowsers, they will go back to enjoying their back yard, but more cautiously.

"We do a lot of work out in the yard and I'm always out on the ground digging out stuff, but I'll look around a little more than I have before, that's for sure," Bill Bowser said.

The snake was taken to the SPCA of Wake County. If you know who it belongs to call Animal Control at (919) 831-6311.


Lynda Loveland, Reporter
Chris Ray, Photographer

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