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Chihuahua Reunited With Wake Forest Family After Two-Month Absence

Posted September 7, 2001 5:17 a.m. EDT

— Back in July, WRAL.com told you the story of Buddy, the chihuahua who escaped from a kennel, causing a K-9 controversy. After nearly two months on the run, Buddy has now been reunited with his family.

Buddy is back at home, safe and sound. The story of the pint-sized pooch started back in June when Buddy's family, the Daniels, boarded him at Wake Forest's Cobble Hill Bed and Biscuit. Somehow, Buddy slipped out.

With only pictures and memories, Buddy's family was devastated.

"Well, after it went on TV, we got a lot of calls saying that they spotted Buddy," said Ross Daniels, Buddy's owner.

Construction workers at the Home Depot store in Wake Forest had been feeding Buddy fast food for a couple of weeks when electrician Greg Jackson saw a flier with Buddy's picture on it. He cornered Buddy in the store's garden center and called the family.

After checking the chihuahua, the family says Buddy fared almost too well in the wild.

"Buddy weighs as much now as he did when he left," Daniels says. "I think he would like to go to McDonald's more often."

Buddy's family and the owners of the kennel have both hired lawyers. The two sides may end up in civil court over liability for Buddy's escape.