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Cumberland County Homeowner Has Grip On Home Safety

Posted September 7, 2001 1:41 a.m. EDT

— A metal bar with a strong grip may make one Cumberland County homeowner a rich man. He has an idea that could keep thieves out of your home.

Patrick Flowers was worried about his wife's safety, so he came up with an idea to stop thieves in their tracks.

"[My house has] been broken into several times and just riding down the road, I thought of an idea to try to get people from breaking down my door," he says.

His answer was the Stop Bar. You take the metal bar and attach one end of it underneath the door knob and the other end to the floor. A person who would try to open the door from the outside would not be able to come inside.

Louise Tenhet also had her home broken into by thieves. Even though she has an alarm system, a dog and a deadbolt lock on her front door, she bought three Stop Bars for her home.

"If anyone comes in from the outside and tries to kick my door in, they cannot. I promise you they're not coming in here," she says.

"They cannot get in unless they completely break the door down, and then, you got time to do what you need to do," Flowers says.

Flowers says his patented invention is user-friendly for the elderly and physically handicapped. So far, he has sold about 50 Stop Bars to his family members and friends. He plans to market his product on the Internet later on this year.