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Rocky Mount Family, Developer, In Dispute Over Driveway

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ROCKY MOUNT — When you buy a home, it is easy to overlook a few details in the paperwork. If you are even thinking of taking the plunge, a Rocky Mount couple has some advice for you -- do your own research before you sign.

Peter and Monica Clarks' home looks like it is out in the country, but more homes are moving in next door. The family's driveway used to connect to a gravel road. They did not know that the man who owns the path is the sub-division's builder. He dug the road up to make room for a new street.

Now their driveway goes nowhere, and the builder says the Clarks have been trespassing all along by driving on his gravel road.

"We've been like this for 35 days. They came in, took the driveway out, pushed all the soil back," Peter Clark said.

"I find it hard to believe that someone can come in, cut you off, tell you you're trespassing when you bought a home, and literally leave you hanging," Monica Clark said.

Lee Gay is developing the new street.

"We've had the subdivision approved by the city of Rocky Mount and we've abided by the plans and we've abided by what they've asked us to do as far as the construction technique," said Gay.

The family is furious. They say no one in the real estate deal told them that this could happen.

"Before you sign on the dotted line, you really need to know what the zoning is of the surrounding property," Gay said.

"Don't buy next to undeveloped real estate. That's all I can say at this point," Peter Clark said.

If you are even thinking of buying, both sides say check things out yourself before you sign.

Gay hopes to have the street paved within the next two weeks. After that, the driveway could be rebuilt to fit the street.


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