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IBM Gives Grants To N.C. Colleges; Preview Survivor Africa's Location Online

Posted September 5, 2001 8:29 a.m. EDT

— The Amazing Race gets the green flag on CBS Wednesday night as Survivor fans anxiously await Survivor Africa, but you do not have to wait, you can preview the location online. Plus, IBM is investing in its future by "investing" in North Carolina universities and colleges.

IBM Gives Grants To N.C. Colleges

Colleges and universities may be tightening their belts, but IBM is giving a helping hand. Big Blue is giving more than $6.3 million in aid to eight North Carolina schools.

IBM will also set up a Center for Advanced Studies to support projects between IBM and the schools.

UNC, Duke and N.C. State will benefit from the grants the most. The aid comes in the form of hardware, research grants and software. IBM gains access to recruits and research.

"We think there's great opportunity for us to learn through the universities about the developing of the Internet, about e-business applications, about Linux operating systems and about pervasive and wireless computing," says IBM senior state executive Barry Eveland.

The grants are the largest given by IBM to higher education anywhere.

Preview Surviror Africa's Location Online

If you cannot wait for Survivor in Africa, then check out Dan Bollinger's

Survivor Maps Web site


Kenya set up a no-fly zone over the Shaba National Reserve where the series was taped, but Bollinger lined up the IKONOS satellite for high resolution images of tribal camps showing the fence around the tribes' huts.

Another shot shows the production area with a motor pool, sleeping tents and production buildings, which is about two miles from the thornbush-fenced tribal camp. There are also photos of the area and IPIX images that let you look around some of the scenery in the Shaba Reserve.

Survivor Africa will air 8 p.m. October 11 on CBS.