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New Device Searches For Tumors In Seconds

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CARY — Fifteen seconds is barely enough time to do anything, but it is more than enough time for doctors to screen for cancer using a new device.

Doctors at Wake Radiology in Cary are using the Volume Zoom CT to scan for tumors.

Patients lay on the table and hold their breath for about 13 seconds while the images are made.

Not only is it the machine faster, the new technology creates 3-D images, compared to the flat, two-dimensional images that have been around for years.

Radiologists say the Volume Zoom CT makes it much easier to find cancers in the body and reduces the chances for mistakes.

"In the past we were really stuck with reviewing all the cases here and reconstructing all the cases in our mind," says radiologist Dr. Imre Gaal. "Right now, with the faster imaging with the thinner sections, the ability to visualize -- to see this in 3-D -- is really key for us in making diagnoses."

The scans will also help surgeons and other doctors in treatment options. For example, surgeons can see exactly where a tumor is, what it is near and the best plan for its removal.

There is also a place for the device in emergency rooms. With the new Volume Zoom CT, radiologists can scan the head, chest and pelvis in less than a minute.


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