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Exotic Pet Show Features Snakes, Reptiles In Raleigh's Dorton Arena

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RALEIGH — If you just have to touch a real live snake, this is your lucky weekend. Hundreds of snakes and other unusual animals are on display this weekend in Dorton Arena at the big "Reptile and Exotic Animal" show.

Some vendors are letting visitors get up close and personal with unusual animals, including "Clyde", a 10-year-old whopper from Clayton. You can even buy a snake if you so desire.

Not everyone thinks that is a good idea, however.

"Never, no, because it may turn out to be the 270-pound, 10-year-old one. We've never seen a snake like that," Emily Tuttle said as her daughter, Suzanne, clung to her.

Unusual lizards are also a big draw for the event. The show continues through Sunday in Dorton Arena, at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.