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Fayetteville Community College Students See Tuition Rise

Posted September 2, 2001 11:09 a.m. EDT

— Sitting in a classroom at Fayetteville Technical Community College has just gotten more expensive. Students will have to dig even deeper into their pockets for a tuition increase approved by the General Assembly.

"I took the 15 credits because I knew I needed the classes, but I wouldn't have added the extra classes cuz I knew I would have needed the extra money," student Shanikqua White said.

For every semester hour, students will have to pay an extra $3.50, and with a full course load of 12 credits, that can really add up.

"That's $42. That's a lot of money for someone. It's a pair of shoes or two for some children," said Vice President for Student Services Valeria Collins.

Or it might even pay for an extra book.

"Three books for keyboarding alone and this came up to about $150," said White, showing a recent purchase.

"Tuition in the state of North Carolina is one of the lowest for community colleges in the country , but even so, it's still hard," Collins said.

Students will not have to pay up immediately. They will have up to a month before their final bill has to be settled.