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New Vendor At Raleigh's Farmer's Market Causes Stir

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RALEIGH — Fresh fruits and vegetables are not the only things people are snapping up at the Farmer's Market these days.

Cary's La Farm Bakery opened a stand at the market a few weeks ago. The owner says customer response has been fantastic.

But everyone is not happy with the setup. Reesa Smith sells bread she bakes at home. She says the La Farm professional bakery is hurting her business. But market managers say the local start-up has every right to be there.

"I have made a living at this for a long time. I am now in a position where it's very difficult to make ends meet," Smith said.

"You have so many vegetables up at the front part of the building, this part of the building, they just won't come all the way down here. This way they see a crowd around something like this or see this, they come down to check it out and maybe buy something." market manager Ronnie Best said.

Two other competing vendors say they are working harder for customers' money now, but they agree that competition is always good for consumers.