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Gentris Licenses Technology for People Who Have Trouble Metabolizing Drugs

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, a provider of clinical pharmacogenomics services and products, has licensed gene technology from a European firm that targets people who have trouble metabolizing drugs.

The technology is from LGC, an analytical laboratory. It is the licensor for the gene information from Dundee University and Cancer Research UK.

Gentris intends to develop and sell diagnostic products related to testing for the CYP2D6*4 gene. People who have the *4 variant of that gene have difficulty processing some 20 percent of commonly prescribed medications.

Gentris plans to use the technology to help reduce adverse drug reactions.

"The value of testing for key genetic markers associated with poor metabolism of medications has now become internationally accepted as a way to prevent some adverse drug reactions in individuals, and to identify those at risk of side effects," said Paul Debenham, director of Life Sciences at LGC.

"Today's advances in medical-based science and technology have generated DNA-based test technologies with the potential to shape the future care of us all," he added. "We have seen a marked growth in the demand for pharmacogenetic services and products and are pleased to see a leading international provider like Gentris actively apply this exciting technology to the field."

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