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Transit Leaders Urging Others To Take Public Transportation

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Filling up at the pump can be downright painful. Since January 2003, gas prices nationally have increased by 100 percent. That news is leading some people to keep the car at home and take the bus.

David Dix used to drive to work everyday. Now, he bikes his way to the bus and rides to and from work.

"I just felt guilty driving my SUV from north Raleigh to RTP everyday," he said.

It is a similar story for Kevin Ramer.

"I usually get on the bus right around 7 on Davis Drive and I'm at work by 7:30," he said. "It's really not any worse than driving the car."

Thursday is

National Dump the Pump Day

-- a day transit leaders use to remind people that public transportation is an easy way to beat high gas prices. In the last month, thousands of additional passengers took advantage of "free ride days."

Triangle Transit Authority leaders said bus ridership began rising last September and is still high. It increased 11 percent in one year. The TTA also said by using public transportation to commute to work, a person can save between $300 to $3,000 in fuel costs each year.

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