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Consulting Firm Hired To Make Navigation Easier In Downtown Raleigh

Posted June 6, 2006 7:59 a.m. EDT

— Raleigh city leaders are searching for a new way to help visitors find their way in and around the downtown area, which is currently undergoing a metamorphosis with the development of buildings and attractions.

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    Corbin Design

    Some downtown visitors say there is no coordinated way to help people navigate their way.

    "I think (the city is) lacking in directional signs," said Southern Pines resident Jennifer Garner. "Some signs let you know what streets you are riding on, but you don't really know where you are going."

    The city does have some signs to popular destinations, but they are usually a few blocks from the attraction. City leaders say the signs are not on city gateways, and they do not help people unfamiliar with downtown.

    The city has hired Michigan-based environmental graphic-design firm Corbin Design to create a downtown sign system. The consultant group has also implemented sign systems in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Indianapolis.

    Leaders hope to put signs that are unique to Raleigh on major entrance corridors, such as Interstate 40. Already, the Downtown Raleigh Alliance has implemented a color-coding system for the different districts downtown.

    "Roads are more congested, more complicated, so, having a clear signage system helping people get to these major facilities is very important." City Manager Russell Allen said.

    The city hopes to have the system in place by 2008.