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Facial Product Used To Relieve Foot Pain

Posted June 5, 2006 8:50 a.m. EDT

— Millions of people have foot pain so bad that walking hurts. Doctors are taking a tip from cosmetic surgeons to keep people moving without pain.

For years, every step hurt for June Penniston. The pain was on the bottom of her foot.

"It felt like I was walking on a pea grain," she said.

Martin Isaac walks to work every day. He said his feet are worn out.

"It's a constant soreness," he said.

Penniston and Issac's pain is caused by corns -- thickened skin at the bottom of the foot. But podiatrist Dr. Johanna Youner said the real problem lies just below the surface.

"There's fat under the skin and the fat gets worn away so you're basically left with skin and bone," Youner said.

The condition can make every step a painful one. Now doctors are trying to repair the ailment with a product usually reserved for the face. Restylane is a filler cosmetic surgeons use to plump up the skin and get rid of wrinkles.

Youner uses it to pump up the skin on the toe.

"It is replacing the lost volume that has been lost over time either by life, by abuse, over-exercising, by high heels, by genetics, so I just literally replace the volume lost," Youner said.

Youner also said there are no side effects.

"The first thing that's worked in a long period of time," Issac said.

"It was great. It was wonderful," Penniston said.

Health officials said Restylane is not a permanent fix. It lasts eight months to a year before another injection is needed.