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Stanley Cup Run May Help Raleigh's Long-Term Prospects

Posted June 2, 2006 10:33 a.m. EDT

— The Hurricane's journey to the Stanley Cup Finals means Raleigh residents will probably see a lot of signs stating "Whatever It Takes." That's a motto that the chamber of commerce is hoping will result in big dollars for the area.

"As the media spends more time here, they start going down different story lines," said Raleigh Chamber of Commerce spokesman Harvey Schmitt. "Tthey find out what a great economy this is, what a high-tech market this is. It gives us the opportunity to invest in bigger and better things for the future."

Raleigh is the second smallest market in the National Hockey League, but the chamber said the 'Canes have far exceeded economic and fan expectations.

The Hurricanes have gone to the Stanley Cup Finals twice in the last four years. By comparison, the team in the No. 1 market, the New York Rangers, hasn't played for the championship in the last decade.

The chamber hopes to set up a weeklong party atmosphere on Glenwood South, as the Hurricanes compete to bring Lord Stanley's Cup home to the Triangle.