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C-130 J Lands At Pope Air Force Base

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POPE AIR FORCE BASE — The C-130-J is the newest addition to the C-130 fleet for paratroop airdrop operations. The world's most advanced airlifter made a pit stop during a test flight at Pope Air Force Base.

Weighing in at 164,000 pounds, the C-130-J has landed. The monstrous aircraft is the newest model of the C-130 Hercules -- one of the most recognized aircraft in the world. It was developed by Lockheed Martin.

"It's gonna give them so much more capability, it's gonna be so much more comfortable and a better ride for the paratroopers in the back," says Peter Simmons of Lockheed Martin.

Compared to earlier C-130 models, the J takes off faster, climbs higher and uses less fuel per mile. It also has a sophisticated navigation system that enables pilots to make highly accurate airdrops in all types of weather.

One major difference between the J model and the older Hercules is the way the cargo is handled. Metal rollers located under the floor boards allows the crew to load and unload their cargo in a matter of minutes.

"They really like the airplane, they really like the performance of the airplane and they like the information available," says C-130-J pilot Fred Dorr.

The aircraft takes the future of the

Army's 82nd Airborne

to a new level. It is expected to permanently land at Pope Air Force Base in 2005.

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