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Injured Eagle Released In Bladen County

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BLADEN COUNTY — An injured eagle that was under care for several weeks is better now, and has taken to the air once more.

The bird was released Wednesday morning in Bladen County.

The bald eagle was released into the wild in Suggs Mill Pond Wildlife Refuge. The eagle had been recovering at the Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte since May.

The eagle, believed to be 5 or 6 years old, had been found lying in a Robeson County field, close to death. With a lot of care, the eagle is back in his natural habitat, released close to where he was found.

Those who cared for the eagle believe he suffered a concussion after flying into something, and were emotional when they released him.

"The obvious thing is that it's a bald eagle, the symbol of our country, and that's very exciting to be able to help a bird like this. Everyone really enjoyed the fact that we were able to rehabilitate and release this bird," Rehabilitation Coordinator Mathias Engelmann said.

Bald eagles are on the endangered species list in North Carolina, but they have been delisted federally, and are no longer considered endangered nationwide.

Another reason the Suggs Mill Pond Wildlife Refuge was chosen as a release point was that other eagles have been spotted in the area, and officials with the Center hoped he would quickly be accepted by the the other birds.


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