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New Program Aims To Drive Golfers To The Links

Posted August 28, 2001 9:06 a.m. EDT

— Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. This year, 35 million people will hit the links.

The World Golf Foundation along with the USGA hopes to get even more people on the course through a pilot program being offered across the Triangle.

Golf can be a frustrating sport but, the

Link Up 2 Golf

program hopes to make learning fun.

Students learn the skills of the sport in small groups and work one-on-one with a pro.

"The concept is to connect them to the game in the right way. It's a way to keep them involved with the game in years to come," says Ruffin Beckworth of the World Golf Foundation.

The program teaches the basics, but participants also learn about etiquette, golf rules and how to drive a golf cart.

The atmosphere is relaxing. Students get six hours of instruction before taking their game onto the course. Five free rounds of golf is included.

"With Link Up 2 Golf, we get a chance to get rid of the intimidation and nervousness, so it can be fun and not a drill," golfer Davesene Lawson with a laugh.


World Golf Foundation

plans to expand the program to other markets next year.