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Disney On The Web Available In China; Tech Company Offers Advanced Virus Protection

Posted August 27, 2001 3:41 a.m. EDT

— Internet viruses are a growing problem, but new technology may help stem the tide. Plus, Disney on the Web is now available to the world's most populous country.

Disney On The Web Available In China


says its Web Site, with all its features including Zeether and Fun For Families, is one of the most popular sites in the world. Now, Mickey and all the Disney characters are available to the huge, untapped Chinese market.

Disney collaborated with SeaRainbow and China Telecom. Content is translated to Mandarin Chinese, but things still look pretty much like Disney.

There are online games and Chinese youngsters can even subscribe to Disney's Blast, an educational part of the service.

Internet-Level Virus Scanning Seems To Be Wave Of The Future


has offices around the world, which filter e-mail for viruses before it gets to your machine.

With up to 500 new viruses discovered each month, this new way of trapping viruses at the Internet level may be a big help.

"I think that Internet-level virus scanning is an absolute must and what companies have to look at is what money they are spending at the moment, and whether if the job is done properly at the Internet level, perhaps they don't need to do it at all," says Ben White, CEO of MessageLabs.

MessageLabs uses four virus scanning programs on every e-mail. The programs caught the infamous LoveBug virus and blocked it in minutes.

MessageLabs says about one in 40 e-mails it scans carries a virus of some description, which is up from one in 1,500 just three years ago.