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RDU Passengers Comment On Midway's Performance After Bankruptcy

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RDU INTERNATIONAL — Financially strapped Midway Airlines got a big break this week when a bankruptcy judge allowed it to use a $10 million loan to stay in business. How the airline fares in the long run will also depend on how happy its customers are.

So how do the customers think the airline is doing?

Midway passengers arriving at Raleigh-Durham International from a variety of different locations including Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Hartford, and Newark, had generally positive comments.

"It was very nice. It was very on time. It was great," one woman said.

"Safety raises a little concern, you run a little short of dough you start worrying about that, but wasn't any problem at all today," another passenger said.

"We had a little difficulty when we left Raleigh-Durham, but it was not that much, something we could endure. Coming back was excellent," another man said.

"I fly this airline twice a week, and it's probably the best airline I fly. They do a great job," another passenger added.

"The time coming back had changed like two times. It was the only thing I had a problem with, and they didn't notify me by phone. It was the only thing I had a problem with, but other than that the customer service was absolutely wonderful, I have to give them credit," a woman said.

A couple that booked a cruise months ago became concerned enough to buy back-up tickets with USAirways, and despite being satisifed with the service, said they would view buying more tickets as a "risk."

So while everything seemed to run smoothly this particular Saturday, Midway may still have to deal with a perception problem, something that could make its financial woes more difficult.

Many of the complaints early last week had to do with flights Midway had abruptly canceled due to the bankruptcy announcement. As recently as last Sunday, though, customers still reported getting bumped from several flights.


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