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Elizabeth Dole Switches Voter Registration From Kansas To North Carolina

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SALISBURY, N.C. — Elizabeth Dole has not made an official announcement yet, but she is looking more and more like a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat Jesse Helms will give up.

Dole registered to vote in Rowan County Friday morning. The change in voter registration is necessary if she is to run for Senate in North Carolina. She was previously registered to vote in Kansas.

Dole's residency will likely become a campaign issue.

Dole said Friday that North Carolina is her home, that she visits her mother at least once a month, and she owns property in North Carolina.

"I am here a lot. I've been here almost a week out of every month for a long time, because with my mother almost 100, it means a great deal for me to be with her," said Dole.

Salisbury residents had a variety of opinions about her potential candidacy.

"I think it's great. I think she'd do a great job. I think she's experienced," said one man.

"I won't vote for her. I'm a Democrat," said a woman.

"I just don't care for her politics," said another woman.

"I figure if the Clinton woman can run in New York, at least Liddy Dole's mama still lives over here. Why the heck not? She comes back, eats at some barbeque restaurants, I'm all in favor of it. And I'm a Democrat," said another man.

She will still not say she is an official candidate, but says she will make a decision soon.

"I think soon after Labor Day is the best way to characterize it. I want to be able to talk to friends and family and make an informed decision. Because of my respect for Jesse Helms, I did not feel that was appropriate to do until he made his intentions known publicly," said Dole.

She will face opposition in the Republican primary if she does run: former Charlotte Mayor Richard Vinroot has already announced that he will file to run, and former Sen. Lauch Faircloth is also interested in the seat.