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Boy's Quick Thinking Saves Lives At N.C. Lake

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GARNER, N.C. — This Memorial Day weekend will always be memorable to a 12-year-old boy. His quick thinking saved his life and the life of his friend.

Alex Lambert was at a lake in the North Carolina mountains, swimming with two friends. They were making their way back to the dock when he noticed one of them getting tired.

"As they started swimming back to shore, my son realized this kid was getting into trouble and could not swim and was starting to gasp and so forth," said Gene Lambert, Alex's father.

The struggling swimmer suddenly started grabbing Lambert.

"At the point, he started choking me and pushing me under. I realized that's when my panic mode would've gone in, but I realized panic is not going to help," Alex said.

Instead, Lambert freed himself from the boy and started to bring him ashore. He called out to his mom for help.

"I yelled to them, 'get the life ring' because I had remembered there was a life ring on the dock," Alex said.

Alex retrieved the ring and his mother pulled the drowning boy to shore safely. The two boys had met only that day, but they fast became friends.

"My son realized this was going to be a tragic situation. He reacted very quickly," Greg Lambert said. "I'm very proud of him. The whole family is."

Alex Lambert learned to swim when he was just a toddler. He also said the boy scout's motto: "Be prepared" kicked in. He said he remembered seeing the life ring the day before and so he was aware of his surroundings.


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