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North Raleigh Residents Clean Up Debris From Thursday's Storm

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A fast-moving storm Thursday evening hit a three-mile area near Falls of Neuse Road hard. WRAL radar clocked winds in the North Raleigh neighborhood near 70 mph Thursday night.

On Friday, many residents and Raleigh Public Works employees were busily working to get the mess off the streets. By Friday afternoon, homeowners like Ralph Long were knee deep in cleanup.

"It's good, solid work," said Long. "Better than being in the office all day."

The worst damage on the block was where three oak trees fell through the roof of a home on Fiesta Way. Harvey Riddle was renting the house. He said no one was hurt, but another tree crashed through his car. Still, he's taking it in stride.

"There is good news," said Riddle. "The gas tank is almost empty and we haven't filled it up recently."

Elsewhere, neighbors like Ward Rosen filled garbage cans with branches and yard debris. Despite being worn out by the cleanup, he was strong enough to fill a half-dozen cans, which will be picked up by the city.

The Raleigh Public Works Department spent much of Friday scooping away debris on their special detail. They'll make another run Saturday morning and a final sweep on Tuesday.

The city of Raleigh doesn't have an early estimate on how much storm damage will cost. But they said because it affects less than 1 percent of the population, the cleanup efforts should not have a drastic effect on Raleigh Public Works' budget.


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