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Big Changes Coming To Raleigh's Skyline

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Artist Rendition Of Future Raleigh Skyline
RALEIGH, N.C. — Just about every major city has a postcard picture of its skyline. With so much happening in downtown Raleigh, the city's postcard is about to change. So what does a skyline mean to a city?

New condos, high-rises, a convention center and hotel are changing the city's landscape. An artist's rendition shown on


is just the start. Four more big buildings are in the planning stages and will be added to the view.

"It's the image of your city, its the city's signature," said Raleigh Planning Director Mitch Silver.

Silver said a skyline is about pride -- it's a city's face to the world. The city is paying close attention to plans submitted by designers. Leaders want to make sure the tops of the buildings are distinctive so they add to the skyline.

"It's very important," said Silver. "We want to be different, very distinctive and definable so people will know this is Raleigh."

But some experts worry part of Raleigh's spirit will get lost.

"An impressive skyline is an expression of its character," said Dr. Marvin Malecha, the dean of N.C. State's College of Design.

Malecha believes it's important for the view to showcase the city's people and culture. He said many projects downtown are doing that.

"Raleigh's now at a place where we have the pride and the confidence to begin insisting that people build here specific to Raleigh, and that's the leap that should be coming next," he said.

A look into the near future shows a leap for Raleigh's Downtown. Raleigh's postcard is likely to get taller and wider. Design leaders say several projects are in the works for the west side of downtown.


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