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Fayetteville Couple Robbed, Kidnapped In Their Home

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Ray and Fay Moore are both in their mid-70s, and neither of them certainly ever expected to be kidnapped at gunpoint.

On Tuesday night, the Moore's said two men broke into their Fayetteville home, pointed a shotgun in their faces, tied them up and robbed them, then kidnapped them. Police said the men put Ray Moore in the trunk of his own car and his wife in the backseat and then took off.

There was a trunk release inside the trunk. Police said Ray Moore pulled the latch.

"The elderly gentleman was able to escape out of the trunk while the vehicle was moving, but he ended up hitting his head on the road," said Fayetteville police spokesman Jamie Smith.

According to police, the men left Ray Moore in the street, but put his wife in the trunk. Officers said the two men picked up two accomplices: another man and a 15-year-old boy.

Meanwhile, Fay Moore hit the trunk release latch herself. At that point, police said the men stopped the car and ran off. Once she was able to get out of the trunk, Fay Moore contacted a neighbor, who called 911 for her.

"A house is a house, people are people," said neighbor Walter Craft. "And if they think they can get something, they'll do it."

Craft lives across the street from the Moore's. He said he had been meaning to put in a call system from their house to his, but had been procrastinating.

"I very well could have prevented that," he said. "She could have pushed a button and I would've been there."

Faye Moore was not injured. Her husband is in fair condition at a local hospital. Police took the four alleged culprits into custody on first-degree kidnapping charges.


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