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Toddler's Family Grieves After Beltline Crash

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RALEIGH, N.C. — If an animal darts out in front of your car, what do you do? A driver's split-second decision led to an accident that killed a toddler.

TaLeah Evans was just 4 years old when she was killed in a vehicle crash on the Beltline Thursday evening. Witnesses said the car she was riding in spun out of control and flipped several times after a small animal ran into the road.

Two cars swerved to miss the animal. Tameka Singleton and her three kids were in one of those cars. TaLeah was her youngest child.

"We just ... we just couldn't take it, you know," said TaLeah's father, Rick Evans.

Evans arrived at the scene a short time later. He said the accident happened in a matter of seconds.

"She was about to graduate from pre-K next month," he said. "She had a cap and gown and they were practicing marching and all that stuff."

He said the toughest part has been telling her brothers she's not coming back.

"TaLeah has gone to a better place," he said. "She's one of God's angels. She's watching over us."

Raleigh police are still investigating the accident. They'll go back out to the scene next week to reconstruct the crash to find out exactly what happened.


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