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Moore County Attorney Vanishes Without A Trace

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MOORE COUNTY, N.C. — A well-known attorney and former Moore County school board member is missing. Bill Bost vanished from Moore County a month ago. Now, Bost's friends are beginning to fear the worst.

Bost's face has become one of the most recognizable in the county. But since April 16, the closest anyone's been to 53-year-old Bost is catching a glimpse of him on one of the many posters plastered all over the area.

"We're actually kind of shocked and mystified as to what is going on, with him missing," said David Marks, a pastor at First Baptist Church in Moore County.

Bost was a deacon at the church, until he stopped showing up for services. Soon, friends and family realized the attorney had disappeared.

About a month ago, Bost vanished from his house in Seven Lakes. He left without taking his cell phone, wallet, or any other personal items.

"There's no indication of foul play at the residence," said Moore County Chief Deputy Neil Godfrey. "It doesn't mean there wasn't some, just no evidence."

Godfrey said Bost lives at the home with his brother. The two siblings have different schedules, so it was common for them not to see each other for long periods of time. It wasn't until Bost stopped showing up for regularly scheduled events that the family notified the police.

"We're actually still praying that something will turn up and Bill would be with us," said Marks.

But Marks said Bost is a man of faith, and that's something he said would protect him no matter where he is.

WRAL tried to contact the Bost family, but were unable to reach them for comment. Anyone with information should contact police.