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Confused Homeowners On Wake/Franklin Line End Up Paying Extra

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WAKE AND FRANKLIN COUNTIES, N.C. — Whether it's Franklin County or Wake County, what happens when you don't know where the line is drawn?

"Fortunately, my tax statements have come from the right county," said homeowner David Moye. "Which I think (my neighbors) actually haven't."

The issue has created lot of confusion. The developer of the property estimated the Wake/Franklin county line to be in a specific spot. However, Franklin County officials say it's actually behind the homes.

The developer placed four homes in Wake County, and that's what they told homebuyers. Officials in Franklin County place them in their county, according to the line they say was established in 1992.

"Supposedly, the line goes right through our property, so we should be in Wake County," said homeowner Melvin Valerio.

Valerio walked right into the situation when he bought his home. He gets bills from both Franklin and Wake counties.

"Somebody came and shut off my water," said Valerio.

Taxes are also an issue.

"When I bought this house, they actually did the taxes according to Wake County," he said.

Now he's paying Franklin County's taxes, and paying $90 more a month.

"When I told them my address, they said, 'So that's in wake county, right?'" he said.

The answer is a definite "Maybe."

"So, it's a little bit confusing, it's a little bit crazy, but that's just the way it is," said Valerio.

Franklin County commissioners agreed to allow the homeowners to have Wake County addresses. Now Wake County has to agree. After that, the state will establish permanent markers. The changes will then go to the state Legislature and end the confusion for good.


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