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Work On Fayetteville Bridge May Be Inconvenient To Drivers, Businesses

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Officials say the Morganton Road bridge over the All-American Freeway is falling apart. Transportation workers plan to fix it, and they don't want to stand between shoppers and the mall area for too long.

Morganton Road in Fayetteville links the downtown area and many neighborhoods with Cross Creek Mall. Transportation officials plan to strengthen the bridge, which will mean roadwork and inconvenience to drivers.

"This is a main highway, you know, you only got so many main highways in Fayetteville and Morganton Road is one of them," said driver Jeff Brothers.

It may also be inconvenient for businesses. They do not want detours scaring off shoppers, so officials are looking at two choices. Officials can close the entire bridge and complete the repairs in six months, or they can close one lane at a time. The second plan will keep traffic moving, but it will take two years to complete repairs.

Crews plan to start work more than a year from now. Cliffdale Road, McPherson Chuch Road and Glensford Avenue should see more traffic because of detours.

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