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Controversial Mailing Creates Waves In Congressional Race

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Some think Republican Vernon Robinson's campaign against 13th District Congressional incumbent Brad Miller has gone too far. Others say his style is simply aggressive, and could make for a more competitive election.

Homeowners across the district are receiving Robinson's latest political mailer. In it, he addresses Miller's record and the issues, but he makes implications about Miller's personal life.

"I kind of knew what to expect from Vernon Robinson, because I knew the kind of campaigns he's run in the past, but you still can't quite be prepared for it when you see it," said Miller's wife Esther Hall.

Robinson highlights the fact that Miller and his wife do not have children.

"We can't have children," said Miller. "I shouldn't have to be on television explaining that we can't have children."

He also insinuates Miller is gay.

"It's just a wild rant," said Miller. "It's nuts."

Robinson responded by a statement that says the real issue is Miller's voting record. He calls Miller "extremely intolerant of people like me who have a Christian viewpoint on homosexual marriage".

Miller believes the attacks will gain him Republican votes.

"My wife and I, particularly my wife, has heard from a lot of them over the past few days and they are very embarrassed," said Miller.

State Republican Party leaders said they do not necessarily think the mailer will hurt the party. They also pointed out nominees are responsible for their own statements, and do not always reflect the opinions of the party.

"We've been around for more than a century," said Wake County GOP chairman David Robinson. "Whether it helps or hurts his campaign, we just won't know until November."

The Republican Party has criticized Miller for associating with liberal author Markos Zuniga. Miller will introduce him at an event Friday night.

Robinson has plenty of campaign experience. His first major campaign was in 1996, when he lost the race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. In 2004, he lost to Virginia Foxx in the District 5 race for Congress. He ran for Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party last May and was defeated.


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