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Fayetteville Police Take Aim At Plastic Air Guns

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FAYETTEVILLE — A plastic air gun which shoots pellets has the attention of the Fayetteville Police Department.

Last week, an officer took a gun from a child playing in the street.

The air gun looked so much like a real pistol that a neighbor at Campbell Terrace called police for help.

It was not until police searched the suspect that they realized it was a plastic gun.

Police say the replicas make an officer's job on the street even more difficult.

"In my job, I have to make a determination under a stressful situation, a call of a weapon. I see something that looks like a weapon, carried by someone brandishing a weapon, then I have to assure its not a hostile weapon," says Chuck Hunter of the Fayetteville Police Department

The gun manufacturer's Web site says it is not a toy and not meant for children.

The guns are normally used on a shooting range, but police say they still have concerns that the guns are ending up on the streets as look-alikes.


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