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One Of The Internet's Founders Speaks Out About Cyber Explosion

Posted August 21, 2001 2:34 a.m. EDT

— Even with the economic slowdown, the Internet is growing faster than ever. A new study of Internet growth shows the Web is quadrupling every year. One of the founders of the Internet, Dr. Larry Roberts, spoke to WRAL about the cyber explosion.

Roberts says the perception of economic conditions slowing Internet growth is wrong. Businesses, the biggest users of the Internet by far, are adopting it faster than just a few years ago.

His company,

Caspian Networks

, which has operations in Research Triangle Park, is building a revolutionary intelligent Internet switch.

"What we are building is really the next generation of IP switching equipment, and we'll take over the core of the Internet in the next few years, at least the technology," Roberts says.

The optical IP superswitch will recognize types of Internet traffic; voice, text, video and blaze it across the Internet up to a thousand times faster than today's routers.

Roberts contends that his IP optical superswitch will allow virtual, real-time gaming and movies on the Internet.

"Clearly, a lot of our kids love gaming and that may take off when they can really see themselves involved in a multi-person broadband game," he says.

Even more exciting entertainment may be possible once the potential of the Internet is tapped, including virtual cameras for sports or concerts.

"Those cameras would capture things from different sides and so you could re-construct in 3-D the image. Then you could let anybody see the thing from any point of view they wanted," he says.

Roberts says the Caspian Aperio superswitch is being tested and could be deployed next year.

Roberts was a recent recipient of the City of Medicine Ambassador award in Durham. The award is presented to people whose presence enhances Durham's prestige.