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Vance County Teen In Trouble For Driving School Bus Without License

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VANCE COUNTY, N.C. — A 16-year-old in Vance County obviously did not have enough to do at school Monday. Sheriff's deputies say he lied to a bus driver, faked being a substitute driver and spent the morning rounding up elementary school students.

A bus driver was picking up students on her route when she was approached by a person claiming to be a substitute who needed to learn the route.

Without checking on his paperwork or credentials, the bus driver turned the bus over to him, where he later proceeded to pick up the other students and drop them off at Southern Vance High School.

Officials say the 16-year-old did not have a license to drive the bus.

I'm thinking that anything can happen to have my child's life in his hands. If that bus would have wrecked or anything, I would have been upset and I probably would have lost my mind," says parent Stephanie Hedgspeth.

"We're real frustrated. How could this have happened? It is embarrassing," says Vance County superintendent Wayne Adcock. "You go through all of these procedures to make sure that you have a good safe situation and lo and behold, you find out someone who does not have a license is driving the buses."

The bus driver who allowed the 16-year-old to drive the bus has been suspended without pay. The 16-year-old teen was later arrested.


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