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Peace College Freshmen Prepare For New Life At Raleigh School

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RALEIGH — Remember the nervous excitement of your first day of college, wondering who your roommate would be or who you would have classes with? Peace hopes to make the transition a little smoother. Because of an innovative approach, this incoming class is likely to be especially close.

The class of 2005 is moving into Peace College this weekend, with some help from the senior class.

The young women are arriving full of hope, and loaded down with computers and all the other essentials they could not leave home without. Moms and dads try to stay dry-eyed while they help.

"It really brings back memories of me moving in as a student at Peace in 1975, so my heart just beats faster along with the parents and the students coming to us," said Peace College President Laura Bingham.

Half of this year's freshman class will live in the same dorm, take the same english class and the same seminars. Educators say blending classroom experience with living experiences helps students learn important skills like conflict resolution and time management.

"They'll be doing everything from community service work together, to exploring ethical issues to writing those first english papers while they live in residence halls together," said Bingham.

For now, they are getting a hand from seniors who can show them the ropes before they break into the real world.

"It's exciting but scary at the same time. I'm not sure what I want to do. I love Peace so much, I don't want to graduate. My parents want me to graduate, but I just want to stay here as long as possible," said student Emily Feimster.

Peace freshmen will share what they have learned on September 22, when the college holds visitation for prospective students.