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Freshmen Arrive At N.C. State

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RALEIGH — Saturday's stormy weather certainly did not make for great moving conditions, but around the streets near N.C. State University Saturday, trailers packed with boxes, furniture, and mini- refrigerators were everywhere as freshmen students arrived.

The first college test for freshmen Matt Wallace and Mark Turner: design and build a bunk bed that will fit in their dorm room, not to mention a cramped elevator.

Everyone in both families saw this day coming and at times, wondered if it would.

"There was a lot of stress about his being accepted. I was checking online every day to see if he was accepted. Yes, it was very stressful," said Charlene Wallace.

"My grades were on the line, so I'm glad I did what I did in high school to get the grades to get in," said Chris Wallace.

"Our incoming freshman class has a grade-point-average of over 3.9 from high school," said Chancellor Marye Anne Fox.

Fox said because so many students want to come to schools like N.C. State, the admissions department has the luxury of choosing the best. With admission more competitive than it used to be, students know they have to pad their experience with more than just good grades.

"It's a big process. Community service helps. Just anything that shows leadership or anything like that is something they look highly upon," said Mark Turner.

Turner is an Eagle Scout. He volunteered in soup kitchens and delivered meals to shut-ins. Wallace was active in school clubs church youth group. Both took advanced placement courses.

Saturday is the payoff -- and just the start of more hard work.

"We've got a student that is very focused now, and one that can really take advantage of the education that we offer," said Fox.

A total of 3,750 freshmen are enrolling at N.C. State this year, the largest freshman class in the state. Overall, 28,000 students are enrolled in classes at N.C. State this fall semester.