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Moviegoers Attend Fayetteville's Premiere Of Upcoming HBO Mini-Series

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FAYETTEVILLE — A little bit of Hollywood has taken over Fayetteville. The 10-part HBO mini-series "

Band of Brothers

" premiered Friday at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum.

Anxious moviegoers flocked to the Yarborough-Bank theater to catch a special screening of the HBO mini-series, "Band of Brothers."

HBO chose the Airborne and Special Operations Museum to promote the upcoming mini-series. The mini-series follows a band of paratroopers and their battles in Europe during World War.

Many of the moviegoers expect to see similarities between this series and another movie co-produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

"Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks did a good job with 'Saving Private Ryan,' so I'm looking for the same quality and accuracy here," says soldier Sean Caldwell.

Carwood Lipton of Southern Pines helped author Stephen Ambrose documented the soldiers' experiences in the book version. He has already seen the mini-series and he says he is very pleased with the finished product.

"This series by HBO sets a new standard as far as I am concerned for showing what combat is really like," he says.

HBO will air the first part of the mini-series on Sept. 9.


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