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High School Seniors Promote Meningitis Vaccinations

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Despite a number of meningitis outbreaks on college campuses each year, many incoming freshmen do not get vaccinated. It is not required by most colleges, but a group of Enloe High School seniors hope their creativity will convince their peers to get the shot anyway.
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    A team of six students answered the challenge when the Women's Club of Raleigh -- on behalf of the state -- asked for a creative 30-second TV spot. The goal was to get more incoming college freshmen vaccinated for meningococcal meningitis.

    "They thought, 'Gee, if the kids could talk to other kids, they would listen better,' and that's how this project got started," said teacher Curry Leslie.

    "We're a real production company. We produce videos for clients and they pay us, and we use the money to pay for all this equipment we have here," said high school senior David Leb.

    Before the students could convince their peers to get vaccinated, the message had to convince them.

    "The fact that you can die from a disease like this is so shocking, especially when most people have never even heard of it," said high school senior Scott Snyder.

    Aaron Motsinger said the message is important to him because he is a senior in high school.

    "I'll be going to college next year, that it was really important for me to be educated about it, and this was a perfect opportunity to educate other people my age," he said.

    The spot will be broadcasted statewide.


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