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State Leaders Propose Sweeping Changes To Child Sex Offender Law

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Several state lawmakers introduced new bills Thursday to crack down on sex offenders in North Carolina.

N.C. Sex Offender Registry


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The package of bills is highlighted by the North Carolina Watch program. Under the proposed legislation, concerned parents could sign up for e-mail notification when a sex offender moves into the neighborhood.

The program would also allow users to enter any address into the state into a Web site and view any offender who live within a mile of the address.

"We know that the trauma inflicted on a child by a sexual assault lasts a lifetime, not only for that child but their family," said Rep. Rick Glazier, D-Cumberland. "The goal of this legislative package is to minimize the opportunity for any child to ever be a victim again."

The legislation would also include GPS monitoring. The process would allow law enforcement to track offenders anywhere they roam.

Another provision states convicted sex offenders would not be allowed to go within 500 feet of a school unless it's for a legitimate activity like a parent-teacher meeting with their own children.

Glazier, along with state representatives Karen Ray and Bruce Goforth, helped author the proposed legislation. They also said they will need additional funding to make it work. The GPS monitoring proposal alone costs about $1.3 million.