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Mother Pulls Child From Day Care After It Closes With Infant Inside

Posted May 10, 2006 7:29 a.m. EDT

— A Henderson mother has taken her child out of a day-care center after she said her son was left sleeping while workers went home for the day.

On Friday afternoon, the grandmother of 11-month-old Benjamin Watson went to the Little Red Preschool to pick him up, only to find the door padlocked and the day-care workers gone.

"First thing I thought was that somebody had gotten him," said Kelly Watson, Benjamin's mother.

It turns out that Benjamin was taking a nap, and the workers forget he was there.

For 90 minutes, the family waited and worried. Finally, the baby was found awake and standing at the front door crying.

A day-care worker returned to unlock the door as two Vance County deputies forced their way inside.

Owner Teresa Abbott said she has operated the Little Red Preschool for more than 22 years and never had anything like this to happen. Sixty-one children are registered there full time. She apologized for Friday's incident.

Watson said she has no hard feelings, but did place Benjamin in another day care.

Parents like Charmonica Krider had nothing but praise for the Little Red Preschool.

"I'm ready to stick it out forever as long as the doors are open," said Krider, the mother of a 5-month-old.

The incident is under investigation by county and state child-care agencies.