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K-9 Dog Credited For Saving Raleigh Woman's Life

Posted May 10, 2006 7:20 a.m. EDT

— Jago, a 5-year-old Raleigh K-9 police dog, gets a lot of love and support from his partner, Officer Bob Hoyle.

And he deserves it. On April 20, Hoyle said Jago stopped the violent attack of a woman in the woods near downtown Raleigh.

"We were walking up," said Hoyle. "I could hear a woman asking for help, saying, 'Please, don't do this.'"

When Hoyle approached, the suspect was on top of the woman. Hoyle said the man, later identified as Paul Cherry, tried to attack him. Jago sprang into action and attacked Cherry, then followed him along a stream and caught up with him about 50 yards away.

Cherry surrendered, and is now charged with strangulation and assault. Court documents show he has a long record of violent crimes in Wake County dating back to 1993.

Hoyle said the victim, Angela Best, was very thankful that Jago came to the rescue.

"She was adamant that the dog saved her life," said Hoyle. "She had a laceration on her neck and said he was going to kill her. She said Jago and I saved her life."

Jago has been on the Raleigh police force for four years. He is trained to do drug searches, building searches and rescues. This is his first rescue.