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Halifax Homeowners Want Drag Racing Through Neighborhood To Stop

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HALIFAX COUNTY, N.C. — There are places for racing 4-wheelers and motorbikes. And for Deer Run Subdivision residents, it's not down the middle of a residential subdivision. But in the Halifax County neighborhood, it happens everyday, and often right in front of Leroy Harvey's house.

"They'll gun it, they'll throw rocks, they'll run them through dirt -- I mean, it's loud," said Harvey. "They'll race to the other end, then they'll come back, time after time after time."

Property owners have posted "No Trespassing" signs almost everywhere in the subdivision. That hasn't stopped the racing, nor the loud noise that lasts all night long. The racers have even cut deep ruts into the subdivisions dirt roads.

Neighbors complain, but Halifax County Sheriff Jeff Frazier's office said enforcement is a problem, because the subdivision roads are all private property.

"These people have gotten so brave that they have actually pulled down signs, they busted people's windows out and threw rocks at people," said Deer Run owner Timmy Robinson.

Robinson said he is willing to pay off-duty police officers to police the area.

"It's really intimidating and it gets you to the point where you wonder if something is going to happen at night while you are asleep," said resident Chip Gravel.

Chip Gravel doesn't look forward to weekends. That's when the racing and the noise is at its worst.

Halifax County leaders are looking into the enforcement issue as it relates to private roads. Another option may be enforcing the county noise ordinance.


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