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Lawsuit Claims Student Was Unfairly Punished For Expressing Religious Beliefs

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SAMPSON COUNTY, N.C. — A conservative Christian group is suing Sampson County Schools for not allowing a student to pass out pamphlets with an anti-homosexuality viewpoint.

The Alliance Defense Fund filed a federal civil suit claiming the ninth-grade student was unfairly punished for expressing his religious beliefs.

The student, currently enrolled in Midway High School, according to the ADF's Web site, wanted to hand out the material on the "Day of Truth," an opposite event to the April 26 "Day of Silence."

The Day of Silence is a national youth-run effort that uses silence to protest the actual silencing of homosexuals as a result of harassment, bias and abuse.

The student was told that he could not pass out the pamphlets, which express an opposing viewpoint to homosexuality from a Christian perspective, but he passed them out anyway.

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